food for thought

heri heri, a dish influenced by africa and  popular in all countries around me, but in different ways. it consists of salt fish, green figs (bananas) and ripe plantains, yucca or cassava, mandioca and other ground provisions. served with a boiled egg and some vegetables. 
i mixed in a tin of chick peas and added some greens

as you know i am a true foodie. love cooking, love fusion and being creative with ingredients and products. i love tweaking recipes. get inspired by looking at pictures and reading the listing only to make it my way.
that's why i can seldom give you a recipe with specific ingredients and measures. sorry...

 because we live in s.america and are also part of the caribbean, latin america, with european influences, african roots, asian vibes and north american touches, our food tends to be exactly that. a window of the world.
in the past few weeks, i did just that.
looked through the window and made things mine.

come and have a look at my food. let me inspire you to experiment and try things. you want regret it. promise.

here we have the african eggplant which we call antroea. it is a bit bitter. i fry it with onions and pepper in olive oil. you can add dried shrimp, salt meat, tomatoes and even boil them to serve with the moksi alesi below.
these peas are called dyarpesi or capucijners

i love cooking moksi alesi or cookup rice as it is called in Guyana. this is usually made with parboiled rice, which soaks up all the flavors of the condiments and slowly softens as it cooks.
in the top dish, i used the peas which are precooked to soften them and then added to the meat stew consisting of salt meat, chicken and pork, cooked in a lightly seasoned sauce because the meats already have lots of flavor. coconut milk is added as desired. as well as a few hot peppers for the aroma and afterwards to be eaten with the rice..feeling hot hot hot.
this moksi alesi has salt fish cooked in.

on the left, smoked fish fillets with a delicate smoked flavor. just make a spicy tomato sauce and add the fillets to the sauce to blend. this is served on the side as well as the cukes, boiled antrua, sliced tomato and hotsauce..

this plate is garnished with bhagi- sauteed klaroen- and antroea fried with salt pork - spekjes- while the masoesa moksi alesi with cabbage and salt meat is in the top of the plate.

here we have my personal favorite, bhagee steamed rice with salt pork - pigs tail and ardenner ham- cooked with coconut milk.
my personal favorite

a finished plate.

smakelijk eten, salam makan, buen provecho, bon appetite, enjoy, nyan switi,