big soup

today i made a big soup. that's the name of the soup in the caribbean.
in Suriname we call it bigi sma supu. this one was a alakondre supu, because it had several ground provision (banana (green figs or plantains), yucca (cassava), nyamsi, and potato.
in the latin american region this would be a sancocho.
it started a while back, when i visited miami and saw one of the caribbean markets carrying lots of exotic ingredients native to our country as well.that's where i bought the aji amarillo from the other blog post  peppers and more
i went searching for the nyamsi and found it. than i made it into a soup

the ground provisions can be used to make all kinds of dishes, typical to the caribbean or latin america. a visit to some of my favorite sites can help you find the recipes. taste like home, caribbeanpot.com, laylita.com  to name a few.
i still have quite a big piece of the tuber left, so i will be maing the bottom right or the one on top of that this weekend. oildown or boil and fry with salt fish or fried herring.